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Hello I'm from Poland and i work for SAP PARTNER. I'm happy to be here because i hope i will start a new career and knowledge. 


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Hello and welcome, I am new as well. What does it exactly mean to be working for SAP PARTNER? And, what topic are the first chapter of your SAP Journey?

I started working for SUPREMIS in Poland. I work in a sales support position. When I call potential customers, I like to know as much information as possible about the products they offer. I started learning about B1. I'm not fluent on the SAP side, I'm in the process of learning.

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I see, so you're coming from a sales support background?
I understand, SAP is a big platform, and there's plenty of knowledge to acquire. I don't think anyone's ever gonna be complete "fluent" in SAP. Because SAP is in constant change, and evolving with the technology trends. Therefore, I believe most people here are in the process of learning and most likely in the start of their journey of SAP.