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On June 23rd, the Israeli SAP IT Team got the opportunity to contribute to the community.

We gathered at "Alumut" school located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city of Netanya.
The school is populated by children with special needs that come from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Before we started our project management session we told them about SAP and we got to know each other.

The idea behind the activity was to grant the 4th and 5th grades students with basic SAP “Project Management” knowledge, explanation of planning, budget restrictions and successful project completion that will help them plan their studies.

In order to show them how this is relevant for them, their first study case was to organize an Active Recess for the 1st and 2nd graders.

For me this was extremely meaningful activity. To play with the kids, listen to them and to see the immediate contribution/effect made this unforgettable day.

I hope that the activity will make them believe in themselves, their capabilities and strengthen their self-confidence and make them a sense of pride and satisfaction.

My team, SAP Israel Labs IT, came back from this day full of joy and gratefulness for the opportunity given to them to contribute back to the community in this special day.

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Nice Job guys!