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IT Fresh Graduate

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I am currently taking on SAP Courses on LinkedIn and also will try SAP's MOOCs to get certificates of completion.
What more on can I do to expand my skillset and knowledge with SAP do I need to be proficient only in 1 module or should I try take others too?
What can you suggest for me to get hands on experience with SAP for free?
I am aiming to be a SAP Consultant, would it be possible to take on both technical and functional or I should just pick one?
Thank you :)))))



Hi @JeremiahMendoza read and digest the post ''How and where do you start a consulting career in SAP'' How and where do you start a consulting career in ... - SAP Community Groups by @David_Chaviano. All the best!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Thanks for sharing my blog @F_M !

@JeremiahMendoza - The certification path outlined in the blog is certainly a good one to take. However, be sure to keep your local job market in mind as well. Take a look at what current employers are looking for.

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Hi, John here I am in the same boat trying to change my career from network engineer to sap basis consultant right now my biggest issue is trying to get a copy of sap ecc or sap netweaver installed on my system for training.