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Profit Loss Statement

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I have a question on general ledger table FAGLFLEXT to be used in a P&L report based on cost center.

The P&L report will have various line #s and each line # represents something like Gross Sales, Rebates,

Discounts, etc. There are also totals of these line#s to get totals. My question is: How are these amounts

pulled from FAGLFLEXT ? Does the field HSL12 represent these amounts? I'm not an FI guy, so can

anyone explain this in an understandable way.




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HSL12 give the Total amount for that period only . if you need the Total you will have to take balance carried forward (HSLVT) and then add the amounts in fields HSL01 ... HSLXX where XX is your current period

Agggregate these records based on Comp code , Profit center and const center and debit credit indicator to arrive at the total for cost center

Hope this helps

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Hi Dinesh,

Thanks for the reply! But I'm still confused as to what the value of HSL12 means.

1. Does every record in table FAGLFLEXT represent something like Gross Sales,

Intercompany sales, Freight, etc.

2. You mentioned HSL12 as current period - Is it something like the present month

or the 12th month?



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Hi MJ,

If you post your query in FI forum then you may get fast response.