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Linking a field in internal table

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Hi Friends,

I have fields in i_mseg table

BEGIN OF t_mseg,

mblnr TYPE mseg-mblnr,

matnr TYPE mseg-matnr, "Material Number

werks TYPE mseg-werks, "Plant

lgort TYPE mseg-lgort, "Storage Location

shkzg TYPE mseg-shkzg, "Debit/Credit

dmbtr TYPE mseg-dmbtr, "Amount in local

menge TYPE mseg-menge, "Quantity

budat TYPE mkpf-budat, "Posting Date

end of i_mseg.

I want to link this table can you pls help me out

Get the material description from MAKT-MATNR-MAKTX through MSEG-MATNR, WERKS-MSEG

Thanx in advance,



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Can you plz explain what exactly is ur requirement?

Best Regards,

Vibha Deshmukh

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If posting start date is 1.02.2006 then opening stock would be calculate up to 31.01.2006

Pick up the Actual receipt qty & issue qty within the posting period (1.02.2006-28.02.2006)

Closing stock = Closing Receipt qty – Closing issue qty

Closing receipt & issue qty means up to last date of posting date

If posting start date is 1.02.2006 & End date 28.02.2006 then Closing stock would be calculate up to 28.02.2006 by applying same logic as earlier mentioned for opening stock

Get the material description from MAKT-MATNR- MAKTX through MSEG-MATNR, WERKS-MSEG

Get the following data from MARA-MATNR by linking MSEG-MATNR, WERKS-MSEG

MEINS- Basic unit of measure

MAKTL- Material group

Get the following data from MBEW-MATNR by linking MSEG-MATNR, WERKS-MSEG

This Fields I have to get into final table,

Pls guide me,



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hi, friend,

you wnat to get the data for material description from makt with respect o mseg then do this

select single * from makt where matnr = mseg-matnr

move corresponding fields into <internal table>

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U cannot link an internal table to database table but u can surely do the below.

select amatnr amaktx bmaktl bmeins

into table imatnr

for all enteries in t_mseg

from makt as a inner join mara as b

on amatnr = bmatnr

where spras = sy-langu

and a~matnr = t-mseg-matnr.

loop at t_mseg.

read table imatnr with key matnr = t_mseg-matnr.

-->imatnr-maktx would give you the description.

as well as other fields.


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Get the material description from MAKT-MATNR-MAKTX through MSEG-MATNR, WERKS-MSEG

if not i_mseg[] is initial.

select marcmatnr marcmaktx from marc inner join

makt on maktmatnr = marcmatnr

for all entries in i_mseg

into table i_makt

where marc~matnr = i_mseg-matnr

and marc~werks = i_mseg-werks

and makt~langu = sy-langu.




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try the foll,

select * (fields required) from mseg into table it_mseg where matnr = v_matnr(screen field).

select matnr maktx from makt into table it_makt for all entries in it_mseg where matnr = it_mseg-matnr.

loop at it_makt.

write:/ it_mseg-matnr, (25) it_mseg-maktx.


Note: Internal tables are declared with header line.