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lable code

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can anyone tell in which table lable codes are maintained for label printing?




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To create labels in SAPSCRIPT, you will have to define multiple MAIN WINDOWS in the Page Window.. try the following steps..

Main windows in page windows allow you to format text in multiple columns. Define an area in the page window, in which to position the main windows.

1. Create a page window and assign it to a page.

2. Choose Edit --> Main windows.

A dialog box appears.

3. Enter values in the fields Area width and Area height in accordance with the input guidelines for main windows.

4. Enter values in the fields Spacing and Number in the Horizontal group if you want to use multiple columns. You can ignore the fields in the Vertical group.

5. Determine how many columns and line areas are required for label printing. Then enter the corresponding values in the fields in the Horizontal and Vertical groups.

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hi SKK

i suppose u misintrepreted my question

my question is :

can anyone tell in <b>which table</b> lable codes are maintained for label printing?

like wht i mean is the for label printing the program uses some lable codes for that particllar lable i need to know the table name where they maintain the lable codes