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i'm working on APO task and everything i see is GUID. for eg. order number etc. is converted to GUID and even in DB tables its stored as GUID but it displays fine on the screen. how can i relate a particular GUID to something which i want, is it possible to relate a GUID to the data i want, what are the tables that store these.If i want to do modify data i find it hard to know what im looking at for eg. order id is converted to GUID and i dont know what im looking at.

please help me in unlocking this complex world of GUIDS.




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Hi Dev,

GUID : stands for Globally Unique Identifier, identifies the master and transaction data uniquely in a system.

I am working on CRM system, here for every transaction I have corresponding GUID and all these are interlinked with each other. GUID's are also used to relate the HEADER and ITEM level information.

I won't be able to tell you the tables that store the GUIDs in APO scenario.

But, try to understand GUID uniquely identifies an entity in a system.

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I cannot say the GUID is specific to APO but

GUID is <b>Globally Unique Identifiers</b>, serve as primary keys for all tables in the CRM. A GUID is generated by a special algorithm using as input data certain hardware information of the host computer, the current system time, and a randomly generated number. The GUID can be represented in two formats: a 32-byte character field or a 16-byte raw sequence. It is globally unique in the sense that two GUIDs produced on any two computers (or even on the same one) at any time can never be the same.

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