Reputation Overview

The SAP Community has a reputation program that encourages quality contributions, thanks members for participating, and highlights excellence.

SAP Community Reputation Program

SAP Community is a dynamic, diverse community. Being part of this vibrant, passionate community is like being part of a family. As you become active on SAP Community, you grow your knowledge, build an expert reputation and make friends. Established members benefit from the collaboration, guidance, and support that come with a strong, tight-knit professional network.

Regular participation is important for getting the most out of your engagement in the community. Not only do you receive ongoing feedback and interact with other members, but being active on SAP Community is also a rewarding experience. To support the experience, we have established a reputation program with game mechanics to measure quality, thank you for contributions, and help you establish credibility and visibility as a leader in the community -- all while having fun.

What's Available


A "mission" is like a virtual quest, challenging you to complete certain requirements to earn a badge. Requirements include actions such as providing feedback on content (e.g., likes, comments), writing a blog post, answering a question, or being recognized as an outstanding quality contributor. Some missions are progression missions, where you must complete the first mission to unlock the next in the progression. Others are stand-alone missions, with no ties to other missions. Learn more about what missions and badges you can earn on the Missions and Badges resources page. View your available and earned missions, as well as your mission progress, in the Missions section of your profile (login required).


Badges are icons you earn once you've completed a mission. These symbols give you an opportunity to display what you've done and your accomplishments during your SAP Community journey. Earned badges are displayed on your SAP Profile.

Karma Credits

Once you've become a member of the SAP Community and are active in Q&A, you will start accumulating karma credits. Since the SAP Community Reputation Program is focused more on quality contributions and less on quantity of activity, these credits are only displayed to you, to help you keep track of how your contributions in Q&A are being received.

You can see your karma credit total in the top right-hand corner of the All questions page when you are logged in on Q&A. You can also see your karma credit total in the Reputation section of your profile. If you click on the total that is displayed in the profile, a page displays with your karma credit history, showing how you earned your current karma credit total.

Note that moderators can see the karma credit total and the karma credit history for all members.

Karma Credit Awards

You earn karma credits by doing positive things in Q&A, such as having your answer accepted or receiving an up-vote. Karma credits can help you understand how your participation in Q&A is being perceived by other members, and the reputation and trust your contributions are earning for you.

Karma credits are earned for the following:

  • Having an answer accepted: +10 karma credits
  • Receiving positive feedback on questions or answers: karma credits vary


We share a variety of simple totals that summarize important aspects of each member's activity and how other community members respond to it. These counters are used to provide an objective summary of your activities on the SAP Community, and include things such as:

  • Your follower count
  • The total number of likes you received on your blog posts and your comments
  • The number of your answers that have been accepted as correct
  • The count of up-votes you got on your questions and your answers

The counters are visible in your profile, both in your private view and in the public view (if you have your profile privacy set to display it publicly).

Roles & Status

We use role icons to recognize community moderators and influencers such as the SAP Mentors and SAP Ambassadors. These icons can help you find and recognize these valued members. We also use SAP Employee icons to show you who works for SAP. Role icons are shown in each member's profile, as well as on the content he or she contributes.