Information about Account Merge

Once the S user-ID expires content becomes anonymized and hence users lose their content. SAP considers content belongs to the human being who wrote it and users should be allowed to access it even after the expiration of user-ID.

Account Consolidation Tool

Account Consolidation Tool is a way to merge the content associated with different accounts (S/P) into a single account. It should be used only if user has multiple accounts that user wants to merge.


  • The user should have an SAP Universal ID (UID).
  • The accounts the user wants to consolidate should be linked.
  • The user should have at least one P account.
  • User should have more than one account.
  • P user must also be logged on to Answers at least once.

Account consolidation is a three-step process.

1: Profile linking The user can link the profile either via the profile linking feature available in the community profile or via SAP Universal ID Account Manager.

    • SAP Universal ID Account Manager – with account manager only active accounts can be linked as it will send the authentication code in the email so the user should have access to the email.
    • Community profile – Inactive accounts (inactive non-deleted) can be linked provided the user has the user-Id and password.
    • SAP Community IT support can help link Inactive accounts if the user doesn’t remember the credentials. This team can also help with technical issues.

2: Selecting a primary account Users can select the primary account in the Account Consolidation Tool. There can be only one primary account, and once selected primary account cannot be changed. The primary account can only be an account associated with a P user-ID as the P user-ID is something that the end-user has control over access.

3: Selecting the account to be merged and triggering the merge process User can select one or multiple accounts to be merged at a time.

What will be merged

  • Reputation – Karma credits, missions badges, roles
  • Content – Blog, answers, questions, following (likes, votes, comments)
  • Following - likes, votes, comments
  • Subscriptions – People, content (blogs and/or questions) or tags

Please Note:

  • Only S and P users are supported.
  • Content migration is a one-time irreversible process.
  • Content cannot be merged across accounts associated with different UIDs.
  • After consolidation, the accounts will still be available for other platforms such as and, but the user will not be able to create any content or log in to the community via that account.
  • Once the merging progress is started, user will not be able to access the accounts (create content) until the merge is finished. It can take ~30 mins to 24 hours for the process to get completed.
  • User can merge one or more accounts at a time.