Security - Cloud Identity Services

SAP offers cloud-based identity services that provide basic capabilities for user authentication and provisioning, which is a core requirement for all integration and/or extension scenarios of the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP provides these services under the umbrella brand SAP Cloud Identity Services, a group of cloud services for secure authentication, single sign-on, user provisioning, and more. SAP Cloud Identity Services currently consist of two main components: Identity Authentication and Identity Provisioning. These services are available with SAP Business Technology Platform, but used across the SAP cloud solution portfolio. We are planning to add more services in the future.

Note: The former SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service and SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning service are now part of SAP Cloud Identity Services.

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Identity Authentication

Simplify and Secure Cloud Access to Critical Business Data

Provide your employees with simple and secure cloud-based access to the business processes, applications, and data they need. The Identity Authentication service is a cloud offering for secure authentication and user management in cloud and on-premise SAP applications. It provides state-of-the-art authentication mechanisms, secure single-sign-on functionality, on-premise integration, and convenient self-service options. Identity Authentication is a component of SAP Cloud Identity Services.

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Identity Provisioning

Simple and Secure Cloud Identity Lifecycle Management

The Identity Provisioning service offers a comprehensive, low-cost approach to identity lifecycle management in the cloud that automates the fulfillment of corporate compliance standards and enables a high level of security. Automatically provision and synchronize user accounts and privileges from a central source system to business applications in the cloud. Identity Provisioning is a component of SAP Cloud Identity Services.

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