Performance Optimization Best Practices

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, performance and scalability are crucial for the success of any online business. As such, our team of experts has gathered extensive knowledge and experience on performance optimization best practices for SAP Commerce Cloud.

In this page, you'll find valuable resources about optimizing your SAP Commerce Cloud platform for top-notch performance. From blog articles to videos and toolings, we've collected our expert insights that can help you unlock the full potential of your digital commerce platform.

Whether you're an established SAP Commerce Cloud customer or just starting out, we invite you to explore our content and discover the best practices for performance optimization for SAP Commerce Cloud.

How to Reduce CPU Utilization on SAP Commerce Cloud

Are you experiencing CPU-related challenges with your API or Storefront services? In this video, you’ll learn how to collect current CPU Sizing Specifications from your VMs and Pods, how to collect current CPU utilization from your API/Storefront processes and how to identify Method Hotspots of your API/Storefront services.

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How to Reduce Memory Utilization on SAP Commerce Cloud

Struggling with memory large footprint or memory leak on your SAP Commerce Cloud JVMs? In this video, you will understand how to monitor memory with Dynatrace, how to identify memory method hotspots and how to identify memory leaks on your API/Storefront services.

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How to Reduce Database Storage on SAP Commerce Cloud

In addition to physical and contractual limits of data storage, large tables have an impact on query response time and database scalability. In this video, you will learn how to check the Storage Usage of your database, how to identify the Top Tables consuming storage and how to setup job for Regular Clean-up. We will finish with the Most Common Largest Tables into your database.

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Community Highlights

Using Dynatrace to Manage and Optimize the Performance of your SAP Commerce Cloud Solution

With SAP Commerce Cloud, Dynatrace comes embedded as part of every subscription giving you access to a powerful set of tools to analyze and optimize the performance of your site. In this article we cover the useful features of Dynatrace and how you can leverage them to troubleshoot performance issues.

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Top 10 Recommendations for Improving the Performance of your Commerce Cloud Promotion Engine

SAP Commerce Promotion Engine is very flexible but it could also be slow and resource intensive in memory during the cart calculation if you do not apply the right best practices. Discover our top 10 recommendations to optimise the promotion engine performance.

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Data Maintenance and Cleanup of a SAP Commerce Cloud Project

Like any complex software system, SAP Commerce Cloud generates transactional and temporary data. In this article, we outline ways for you to configure data retention and cleanup rules to ensure your data is properly removed and to eliminate any performance impact.

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Other Content

Best Tips to Reduce Build Time of SAP Commerce Cloud

Build time can significantly influence your development speed on SAP Commerce Cloud. Optimizing the build process can greatly enhance your productivity as an SAP Commerce Cloud developer. In this article, we discuss how to diagnose build duration issues and provide valuable tips for reducing build time.

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Performance Review Service by our SAP Commerce Experts

Do you need help to analyse and provide recommendations you need to optimize your solution? Our Performance Review Service for SAP Commerce Cloud is the right solution. Our experts inspect and analyze your SAP Commerce Cloud solution's performance while sharing best practices and leading processes.

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