SAP Analytics Cloud Smart Assist

SAP Analytics Cloud Smart Assist offers artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology features to expand the conversation beyond just visualizations, charts, and data connectivity, offering easy to consume machine learning capabilities embedded deeply within SAP Analytics Cloud, alongside and integrated with BI and Planning. The Smart Assist portfolio is comprised of Search to Insight, Smart Insights, Smart Discovery, Time Series Forecasting, Smart Grouping and R-visualization features.

Search to Insights

With Search to insight, users can type question in natural language, provide suggestions to people to get the answers they want.

Smart Insights

Smart Insights allow users to quickly develop a clear understanding of the intricate aspects of your business data. Textual and visual elements are surfaced to showcase the insights learnt from the other dimensions in your data.

Smart Grouping

Smart Grouping automatically creates segments on different types of data in your organization, allowing clusters of data values across several measures to be highlighted.

Time Series Forecasting

Provides business users freedom in projecting future outcomes. Time Series forecasting algorithms used in SAP Analytics Cloud allow users to gain more control over the modelling techniques used. Forecasts can readily be added for BI charts and planning scenarios.