Augmented Analytics (Smart Features)

Spend less time on data exploration and dashboard design by embracing Augmented Analytics. Use SAP Analytics Cloud's Smart features to decide and act on the best course of action and achieve more with less.

Introduction to Augmented Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud augmented analytics can help users make more confident decisions faster with automated insights powered by machine learning.  These Smart features include Search to Insight, Smart Insights, Smart Discovery, Time Series Forecasting, and Smart Grouping.

  • Ask questions in a conversational manner with immediateβ€―results explained in natural language
  • Use machine learning algorithms to automatically reveal relationships in data, hidden patterns, and outliers in your data
  • Predict potential outcomes and forecasts, and populate results back into your plan at any level for increased accuracy

Product Page: SAP Analytics Cloud, Augmented Analytics

Tool: Assess your Augmented Analytics Capabilities

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