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SAP has launched a new strategic program called Climate 21. This Climate 21 community is a platform to promote dialogue between the SAP ecosystem about our sustainable low-carbon future and the impacts we can achieve together. Enjoy the content as it evolves, challenge us and each other, exchange ideas, and let us stay in touch if you have any questions.

Climate 21

SAP is delivering a portfolio of solutions to help customers manage their “Green Line” for sustainable competitive performance. The SAP solution portfolio will encompass analytical content, best practices and embedded software capabilities across end-to-end processes. Follow the Climate 21 community and join the conversation with other users around the world.

Featured Content

Sustainability benefits with business software

Sustainability is a rapidly changing market and will increasingly be reflected in business planning. SAP's vision is to support standardized metrics and operations around business processes, analysis, and reporting to enable companies to embrace sustainability in all business functions.

Climate 21: Track Greenhouse Gas EmissionsCreating the Intelligent Enterprise

Helping minimizing product carbon foodprint

As part of the Climate 21 Solution Portfolio, SAP has delivered SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics as a side-by-side extension to existing ERP Systems, a fast-track proof of concept approach for companies to build their sustainability solution roadmap. This is a first product release in a multi-year strategic investment.

Managing the 'Green Line': Helping Companies Minimize Product Carbon Foodprint

Understanding the CO2 footprint of a business

Doehler, a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, is taking sustainability to the heart of their operations. In complex supply chains, information about carbon footprint cannot be traced back to the end-to-end business process. With SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics, Doehler is now able to take first action to reduce its carbon footprint.

Doehler Customer Story

Product related information

Here you can find product-specific information about SAP's solution offering on topics such as Climate 21 and SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics.

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