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SAP for Sustainability

Global challenges, such as social inequality, resource depletion and waste, and the growing climate crisis, combined with rising stakeholder activism and current or pending legislation has driven sustainability from a “nice-to-have”, to a core business imperative. For close to 50 years, our unique selling proposition has been running the world’s most critical business processes integrated end-to-end, across the whole value chain. And with 77% of the world’s transactions touching SAP systems and more than 400,000 companies using SAP software, we recognize both our opportunity and responsibility to deliver digital solutions that enable companies to manage their – and the planet’s -- limited resources productively, contribute to an inclusive economy and shape a sustainable future.

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Industry Point of View

We provide comprehensive solutions to help our customers navigate their industry-specific sustainability challenges and opportunities. Through collaboration and co-innovation with our customers and partners we create synergies for positive impact.

How Businesses Can Accelerate Technology for Sustainable ImpactWith SAP Ariba Solutions, ERG Digitalizes Procurement and Upholds Commitment to Sustainability

Thought Leadership

Sustainability is a dynamic and broad topic affecting all areas of business. Learn more about current themes and topics discussed in our ecosystem of partners, by NGOs & research organizations.

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Innovation & Start-up Ideas

Technological innovation will be the heart for shaping a more sustainable usage of resources. At SAP we innovate, support and collaborate with start-ups & innovation drivers.

SAP.iO Foundries Berlin & Munich - Sustainable Future Cohort (March to June 2021)

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Sustainability benefits with business software

Sustainability will increasingly be reflected in business planning. SAP's vision is to support standardized metrics around processes, analysis, and reporting to enable companies to embrace sustainability in all business functions.

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Leading by example

At SAP, we strive toward running a more sustainable business. Following a triple bottom line approach (environmental, social, and economic, also known as “people, planet, and profit”), we are constantly reviewing and adapting our internal processes to be more in line with the objectives set out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As we learn and grow in this area, we become better informed and more able to assist our customers on their own sustainability journeys.

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Let's tackle your industry challenges

We provide products and services to help our customers navigate their sustainability challenges and opportunities. By doing so, we create a multiplier effect for positive impact.

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