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Topics and ideas for SAP Inside Track Sydney?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


I'd like to know what topics would you be interested in hearing about in SAP Inside Track?

Also, if you have any ideas about the format or other creative/crazy ideas on how we can make it better, feel free to share them. There are no wrong answers!


I personally would love to hear more about real-life use cases and the nuts and bolts of SAP BTP and cloud services from hyperscalers working together.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I want to hear about how customers are

  • Implementing Cloud Security using IAS/IPS/IAG solutions
  • Using hyperscaler services along with BTP
  • Setting up and using Work Zone


topics that that come up a lot are

  • cloud security (IAS, IDP, different auth types OAuth, SAML OAuth2Password etc,)
  • git (git flow, merges, PRs, code reviews, webhooks/husky etc)
  • environment automation, standing up a new temporary environment based on scripting
  • Cloud ALM vs APM (AppDynamics / DynaTrace / Datadog etc )