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🇺🇸 SAP CodeJam RAP vs CAP (Dallas, TX, USA)

SAP CodeJam

Note: Registration is now closed as we've reached the physical capacity of the event. The RSVP option is still available, but anyone that RSVPs after today (June 14th, 2023) does not necessarily have a seat.


For this SAP CodeJam event, we would like to try something different and offer a hybrid topic SAP CodeJam.  The idea is to merge the RAP and the CAP CodeJam offerings into one event, allowing attendees to get a taste for both the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model(RAP), and the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model(CAP) with SAP HANA.  The instructors will present an overview of both programming models where attendees can draw comparisons between them.  Attendees will have the choice of which exercise set they want to work on during the event, and can of course choose to do the remaining exercises on their own later at home.  

Topic abstracts:

ABAP Cloud & the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model -  Attendees will be introduced  to ABAP Cloud and the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model. ABAP Cloud is the ABAP based development model for S/4HANA Cloud, S/4HANA on premise, and SAP BTP, ABAP environment. Learn how to use proven and new technologies, such as Core Data Services (CDS) and behavior definition and implementation languages, to build SAP Fiori apps and OData services on any of the ABAP Cloud options. In this hands-on experience, developers will create their first ABAP applications using ABAP Cloud, expose and consume services via HTTP, and explore the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model.

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model with SAP HANA Cloud to Create Full-Stack ApplicationsAttendees will learn how to deploy and configure an instance of the SAP HANA Cloud trial, develop a multi-target application using SAP Business Application Studio and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, and create a service layer and SAP Fiori UI that also includes SAP HANA native artifacts, such as calculation views.

This is an in-person event only (not virtual) and is planned for Friday 16 June 2023 in Dallas, TX, USA from 09:00 - 16:00 CDT. The language of the event and the content will be English. 


SAP America

7500 Windrose Avenue
Suite 250
Plano, TX  75024

The instructors are Developer Advocates Rich Heilman and Thomas Jung

There are essential prerequisites that must be completed by every attendee, before arriving at the event location.

If you are interested in the ABAP Cloud & ABAP RESTful Application Programming model, please check the prerequisites here: abap-exercises-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/abap-exercises-codejam (

If you are interested in the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model with SAP HANA Cloud to Create Full-Stack Applications, please check the prerequisites here: cap-hana-exercises-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/cap-hana-exercises-codejam (github....

 Please note that spaces are limited - we can only accommodate 25 attendees. 

For more information on SAP CodeJam events, to ask questions, and to chat with your fellow attendees, head over to the SAP CodeJam group.


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Featured Guests
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Developer Advocate

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Product and Topic Expert

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SAP America Inc. - Dallas, Windrose Avenue, Plano, TX, USA
Active Contributor

this is going to be great!  looking forward to it


how do we get registered for this ?

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

In the box above that says: "Will you be attending?", click Yes. 


Simple 🙂 thanks..done,




super excited to meetup with you Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman and learn. It's going to be a great learning experience for us, thanks for coming to Dallas!