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Points granted for a rejected thread

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Today I noticed a strange entry in my activity log:

There is no link to the thread and the answer is removed from my communications log, so I assume that the question was rejected by one of the  moderators in Security space.

Considering its content, I believe this was the right thing to do, however the points still show as granted to me both as a total and in the Expertise tab.

Is this the correct (expected) behavior or this is a recently introduced bug?

I could not find such issue reported, but it seems logical not to get points in such cases - is this a manual step when a moderator rejects the thread or this is automated?

Unfortunately I cannot provide a link to the thread for investigation purposes, but is was about SE16N and was moved to Security from the SD space, if that helps.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you were awarded the points before rejection, then they'll stay unless the moderator manually removes them. Sometimes if someone has actually left a decent answer, I might leave the points.

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