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ftp issues after upgrade to ECC6

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An ftp interface from SAP to a Windows server is producing double spaced output following an upgrade to ECC 6 (Unicode).  It works fine with the sapftp RFC destination but not with the sapftpa RFC destination.  I am using function module FTP_R3_TO_SERVER and binary.  I am using binary because this particular interface has never worked with ascii.  The record length is 9999 and the field delimiter | and all the characters standard keyboard characters.  Is there a limit on record length for ascii transfers?  The settings for the 2 RFC destinations are the same except for sapftpa running on the server of course.  What can I change do to get normal output?

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This is what I could find from one of the FTP related forum.Might help your case.

It's caused by downloading line breaked files from Unix to Windows (most-likely) whereas Unix files are single spaced (CR) while on windows double spaced (CR LF).

When converting these while downloading your files from FTP, this results in a line breaking of CR CR LF which causes the double spacings.

You could

1. Convert all double spacing to single spacing using TextPad (extra -> convert to single spacing)

2. Download the files from FTP using BINARY transfer mode (which does not change anything)