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[BUG] Weird behavior of question page

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This question page is behaving weirdly.

When clicking on the link from the SAP Business One tag page, it looks like this:


However, I have received two emails for replies made to this question:

  1. Johan_H_1-1710488437291.png


  2. Johan_H_2-1710488467472.png


Neither reply is shown on the question's page. The first one is an answer posted by OP. I seem to recall that I replied to that answer, and the second is OP's reply to my reply.

However, when I click on the link in the first email, the question page looks like this:


My reply and OP's reply to my reply, that should be found under OP's answer, are not there. Click on the 'Show entire topic' link, and OP's answer disappears:


Clik on the link in the second email, and the page is opened with OP's answer, but again without showing either my or his reply:





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Thanks for posting it, it looks like a little bit like something I just saw. Yesterday and today I had a doubt too, on a question, my yesterday comment disappeared, and today by adding the comment again, the existing answer had disappeared, and back again after refreshing (

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