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Could problems with points/badges be caused by bug or strange behavior in Universal ID?

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I see a lot of people having problems with points and badges and other tread(s) people discuss problems with the login/universal ID. 

Now I have also been hit by very strange behavior with the login and the result is I did actually not complete some tutorials.

My conclusion that these things are related is based on the following 6 step experience. 

  1. I log into a tutorial in the MS Edge Browser with the P-user that I use for Devtoberfest and execute half of the steps in a tutorial
  2. then in Google Chrome browser I log into BTP free tier with the S-user I got from the SAP shop, This cause the Edge Browser silent/invisible also change to this S-user although I did not see this right away.
  3. I switch back to the tutorial in the edge browser and half of the steps is still marked with the green check mark, so I complete the rest of the tutorial and now all steps has a green check mark.
  4. I would now of course expect to receive the points and badge, but I didn't. 
  5. I go back to the tutorial and now only the second half of the steps has green check mark and I realize that the user in the edge browser now is the S-user although in the edge browser I only  logged in with my P-user. 
  6. In the tutorial I log out and in again with my P-user and now the first half of the steps are marked with green check mark.

I am often in a situation where I need to test things with two different users and this can usually be solved with  different profiles in one browser or simply by using one user in edge and the other user in chrome or firefox or whatever browser is available. I have never before seen that stuff I do in one browser mess with my work in an other browser.

If this is not a bug, I would like someone to explain how we can work with different users in different scenarios at the same time.

The rest of this long story simply explains why I ended up with a P-user linked to one email and an S-user linked to another email.

I have had Universal id for years and had so far no problem. with my email I have connected a P user for SDN , community,  Devtoberfest and so on. I have also connected 2 S users for two different customers I work for.

I started all the Devtoberfest tutorial with a BTP trial, but this week I followed the tutorial "Get an Account on SAP BTP to Try Out Free Tier Service Plans". I tried to do this with my P-user because the tutorials says that this should be possible, but after I place an order in the store nothing happens in 3 days and then I got an email from SAP Store saying that the account could not be created because it was unclear if the account should be for my customer 1 or customer 2. 

This was a little crazy because in the shop order I entered my own company name and not any of my customers companies. To avoid conflict I chose to create the Free Tier account with another email address and I quit fast got a S-user and could continue with the tutorial. 

Of Course I realized that there would be a problem because I would now do the tutorials with one SAP P-user and I would execute the hands on steps in BTP with another S-user.  So to avoid conflict I login to the  two scenarios in two different browsers, but this apparently did not avoid the conflict.

Kind regards

Thomas Madsen Nielsen


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OMG - I just tried to login a tutorial with edge on one PC with my P-user via universal-id connected to my 1st email. Then I login on a complete other PC in Chrome with my S-user that is connected to my 2nd email. 

This cause the tutorial on the 1st PC to switch to the email connected to my S-user on the 2nd PC. In the 1st PC I was also logged into Devtoberfest (this session where I write this reply) and this login was not switch, so maybe it is only a problem with the tutorials system?

Kind regards

Thomas Madsen Nielsen


This is scary!

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I think you're right. Please check the blog post Universal ID – Getting to the Right Account 

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Thanks Gregor for pointing me to that work around.