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former_member239282 has earned 10 badges!
  • Solver
    Earned by 11,841 members

    Learn about proper community behavior by completing the Tour the SAP Community 2023 tutorial, then celebrate when one of your answers is accepted or you receive 3 up-votes on any combination of your answers.

  • Hello World!
    Hello World!
    Earned by 85,664 members

    Say hello to the SAP Community! Personalize your community experience by following content, tags, and members.

  • Random Day Surprise - February 8, 2021
    Random Day Surprise - February 8, 2021
    Earned by 1,710 members
    Participated in SAP Community on Clean Out Your Computer Day (February 8, 2021).
    You performed at least one of the following activities:
    • Publish a blog post or a comment or a question or an answer
    • Like any blog post or comment
    • Vote any question or answer up or down
    • Follow any person, tag, blog post, question, answer, or Coffee Corner discussion
    • Update your profile picture, 'About me' text, expertise, spoken languages, or Elsewhere links
  • openSAP Learner
    openSAP Learner
    Earned by 59,826 members

    You enrolled in a course on openSAP, SAP's free open online course provider, to start your learning journey!

  • Silver
    Earned by 1,927 members

    You achieved level: Silver

  • I Was Here
    I Was Here
    Earned by 122,648 members

    Carve your name on the SCN wall. Log in once.

  • I Care
    I Care
    Earned by 1,407 members

    Show you care for this Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres program!

  • Ready Set (Go!)
    Ready Set (Go!)
    Earned by 6,406 members

    Get ready to contribute! Read and bookmark the SCN Rules of Engagement, and read about how to search. Prerequisite mission: Ready (Set Go!)

  • Ready (Set Go!)
    Ready (Set Go!)
    Earned by 16,151 members

    It's time to show us who you are. Fill out your user profile and add an avatar.

  • I Found the SAP Learning Hub Free Courses
    I Found the SAP Learning Hub Free Courses
    Earned by 4,840 members

    Find the "SAP Learning Hub Free Courses Overview" document using the search feature on SCN. Once you've found the document, bookmark it.