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Hands-on Tutorial: Creating an FAQ Chatbot on BTP

If you have a collection of FAQs that you want to be easily accessible for your business users, then a chatbot might be the answer. This blog explains how to create such a (non-hallucinating) chatbot ...


Bring Open-Source LLMs into SAP AI Core

In this blog post series, we will explore various options for running popular open-source Large Language Models to like Mistral, Mixtral, LlaVA, Gemma, Llama 2, etc., in SAP AI Core, which complements...


Transforming Business Operations with an AI Copilot

AI is rapidly changing the landscape of business operations across various industries. One of the key applications of AI in businesses today are AI copilots. These AI-powered tools are designed to und...


Fantastic SAP AI SDKs and where to find them

SAP's suite of AI SDKs empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence and seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into their applications and workflows. From managing AI s...


Exploring the Business Benefits of AI

There are numerous advantages that AI brings to businesses, highlighting its potential to enhance efficiency, productivity, decision-making, and customer satisfaction.


AI predictions in 2024

Hello SAP Community,Welcome back after the community migration. We finally have access to our forums and blogs. In this case, I have decided to present a post, which has been postponed for several day...