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Transport release

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Hi everybody,

I have an ocean in my mind!!! I know that it's something easy but I can´t clear it. May be you can bring light to me.

I have a Workbench transport release with many ABAP Programs. I released it for sending to QA environment. When I check the transport log I notice that some programs are in red (not all the ones that are inside the order).

My question is, I have to send back in another release all the objects or only the ones that has problems (the red ones)?

Thanks & many kind regards,



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Why are certain objects red.Is it a syntax error or activation etc...

Please mention the type of errors you got in the export logs of the development system.

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You can check the objects having errors and correct these objetc in the DEV system and transport to QA.

You can re-import either all objects(use option Overwrite Originals) as in last TR or only objects with errors.

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Thanks everybody for the answers.

The only thing I wpuld like to know is if I have a release with 2 ABAP objects, I release it and send it to QA environment, I check the log and I have 1 of the 2 objects with transport error. The other one, the suppose "good one", arrives to QA or I have to send it again?


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the red ones could not be imported and activated for a reason. You can try again after finding the reason and correcting the situation.

It should not be required to repeat the transport for all objects, but it won't hurt.