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Split range table -Logic

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Hi Experts,

I am modifying an existing report which causes runtime error when range table used in select clause has a lot of entries.

I did researched on using for all entries instead of range but i have a following doubt:

R_PAYER is  range for kunnr.

R_PAYER is built in the program itself and is used like this:

SELECT fields from KNB1 where kunnr in r_payer.

  I am modiying the above select like this:


  Select fields from KNB1 for all entries in r_payer

  where kunnr EQ r_payer-low.

But the above select wont work if range has a value for Container Pattern ( CP *) also it wont work if range has value as BT 1-100.

So i thought to to build a logic like this but still not able to figure out how:

if range table has more than 2000 entries :

1. Divide the range like this:

    Append 1-2000 records in itab1 and select * from table appending itab1 where kunnr in itab1.


    Append 2001-4000 records in itab1 and select * from table appending itab2 where kunnr in tab1

If soemone can suggest a better approach


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You can loop through the range table, line by line, and each N lines, execute the select, like this:

data: lr_range like YOUR_RANGE,

        ls_range like line of YOUR_RANGE.

loop at YOUR_RANGE into ls_range.

  append ls_range into lr_range.

  if lines( lr_range ) > X. " << Here you set how many lines

    select from xxx


       APPENDING lines

       WHERE kunnr in lr_range.

      " Clear auxiliar range table

     clear lr_range.



Hope it helps,

Guilherme Frisoni