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screen Exist

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In pa30 transaction i have to include one more field source. How can i add one more field using screen exist. please give step by step procedure.

please help me


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Hi Hima,

I understood that you want to do a screen Exit, it is a process which would not be possible to explain within a short paragraph.

So I am giving you a link where you could read the procedure. Please do go through that and help yourself.

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Hi Kumar,

Can you tell me how can i find out the enhancement of pa30 transaction.

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Hi Hima,

As PA30 is used to maintain HR Master Data. You might need to search for a screen exit within the program.

Search the program SAPMP50A for any instances of CALL SUB-SCREEN. If you find any such instances then you would be sure of whether you could go with a screen exit.

If there is no scope for using a screen exit. You might have to get the access key for the program and do modification for both the screen as well as the standard code. You may go ahead with using EXPLICIT / IMPLICIT enhancement spots inorder to enhance this code (Provided you are using ECC 6.0).

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hello hima,

i dnt how do for tcode PA30 but i will send the for anthore tcode.

step by step doing

u may understand that.

1. BADI-

SPRO – SAP Reference IMG --- Logistics General --- Basic partner – customers -- Control – Adaption of customers own masters data element – prepare modification of customer free enhancement of customer master record

Screen group description

zs creating badi --- (save)

click on (label tab pages) – new entries

number – 10 , function code – zs10 , description – func ---(save) –(back)

Business adds-in processing of master data enhancements

select (FM_CUSTOMER_ADD) – copy

Implementation name – ZAS

(desc – impl for cust) – (save)

interface—(check_add_on_active) double click on it

the above screen appear -- write the code in it – (save) --- (activate) – (back) – (save)

-- (activate) – (back)

Business adds in customer sub screens

select (FM_CUSTOMER_ADD) – copy

Implementation name – ZAS1

(description -- cust) – in attribute – (give screen group name)

go to interfaces (GET_TAXI_SCREEN) double click on it

(save) --- (activate)

(SAVE) --

Goto SE38 -- CREATE PROGRAM WITH NAME (ZQW) type module pool

Goto SE51 -- Prog : ZQW

Screen : 200 (Create)

Goto layout – design the screen

save – activate

then goto transaction : va02

try to understand this.

Thanks Regards