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SAP Query ?

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Hi Friends,

I had this issue of problems of regenerating the translation for SAP Program : AQD2PP==========I4==========. SAP referred me to this note ::

If note 546461 has not yet been imported, you should tackle problems in two steps (you can implement these steps at any time):

First, start the report RSAQGDES (and as of 6.10, report RSAQGDESN also). These reports work without a selection screen and do not return a display if work is completed successfully. If errors are reported, they must be forward to SAP via an OSS message.

Regeneration must be initiated for all queries. For this purpose, use the function /nsq 02 'Goto->Query directory'. Make a selection via all InfoSets, highlight all queries on the list of results and select the function 'Generate queries'.

What does this SAP Query Exactly mean ...I havent ever encountered them or studied about them ? Can anyone pls tell what effect this will have ? What is meant by regenarating SAP Query ??



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When you create a Query, SAP creates an ABAP Report ( like AQD2PP==========I4========== ) & the query runs on this code. If you make any changes to the Query, the chnages will get carried over to the ABAP Report, only after you regenerate it. It is standard, & you don't do any harm by regenerating the query.


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Hi Suresh ,

Thanks very much for the reply .

1) Is ZPQ1 ( the entry i do in command box to run this report ) is a Query ? How can i display a query and see its properties like : user group / infosets ??

2) When i go in sq02 and go to the path : GOTO-Querydirectory , ( As i dont know the infopath for my query ) , I sont put any value and it gets all the queries ? Can you tell me how can i select only my query for regeration ??