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Roles creation in Dev!!!

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Hi all,

I want to create some roles in development server for MM, FI and CO module.

There will be 2 roles in each module.

In the first role I want user can create change requests but will not be able to release it.

In the second role User can create the change requests as well as release all the requests created by this user id with second role and requests created by the user Ids with the role of first type.


Role A = Authorized for creating change requests but no release authorization

Role B = Authorization for Creating Change requests and Authorization to release all the change requests.

this role should have auth. of T-Code SCC1 to copy the change requests to another client in develpment systen for unit testing.

How to create those roles...plaese suggest in details...




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The specification you have described is not very friendly to the corporation. As I undertand you need to create just two roles in each module with the capablites you have mentioned.

However assuming that the corporation of yours has agreeded to this design, please do the following :

Indentify the TCDs for each module ( Or Role )

1.insert them into the menu of the PFCG

2.Now go to the Auth tab and click on change authorization

3. Now you need to maintain the objects..according to your design...

4. There will be hundreds of objects - given your design- go into each of them and give the reqed permissions!

You are good to go !!

PS: How many users in your corporation ?


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thanks for ur reply....But my question is how do I maintain the authorization of this change request creation and release....In which object should I modify for each role...???I know how to create role..only what I need is to know to maintain the object....please let me know the object where can I maintain this....

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Use the object S_TRANSPRT to maintain authorisaiton for Transports.

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Once you click on" change authorization" on the authorization tab you will then be taken to a screen where you can maintin the objects. All you need to do is expand the tree one at a time see what the object is --> understand wht the object is about, map it to your needs ,save it,generate it !

You are good to go !