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Report Painter

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Hi all.

I'm an ABAP consultant and I'm new with report painter.

I have to do a report using Report Painter tool for a "Z" table.

I've already created the library and the report. The report has 3 sections and for one of them the columns depends on the others. I guess that this must be doing using a formula but when I try I dont have formula components available to do it.

If I double click on a cell of the other sections, then I can use them on a formula in the section where I need to do the formulas. I also noted that if I try to do a formula for a row then I can select rows from others sections. I dont understand why it works for rows and doesnt work for columns.

Can anyone tell me why is this happening? and if so, how to solve it?



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By now I decided to forgot the section that depends on the others section and try to test the other two sections. When I did it i get the following dump:

Program "SAPLGUMD"


Assignment error: Overwriting a protected field.

I've already search SAP Notes without success. Does anyone know why is this happening?



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Solved by my own with an ABAP report.