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Report Painter

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On what basis does the tables appear in the F4 help while creating a library.. I noticed that not all SAP tables appear in the F4 help..How do i create a new table and make it appear in the F4 help while creating the library..

Can anybody suggest a way of doing it if it is doable.

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Usually in F4 Help of tables, only Transparent tables appear. And there is a restriction on the no of hits of the Search Help which is 200, beyond which you will not be able to see the table names. To limit your restriction use Z* and then press F4

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In the search help, the default no: of hits is 200. But you can increase the no: of hits.

Just above the toolbar button in the search help, there is an arrow , just click on that, a dialog box appears for specifying the name, development class and no: of hits. In that , u can increase or decrease the no: of hits.



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I created a z* table .. but it doesnt appear in the f4 help..even if i use z* and then press f4..

what do i do so that it appears in the f4 help while creating a library for the report painter..

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Herewith i am giving some tips,follow them.This might solve your problem.

1-Go to SE11

2-Give a new table name as Z***

3-Click on Create

4-Enter the data for Delivery and maintenance

4-Go to field part

5- Create one field with appropriate field details

6-Select on the field name(After selection it will turn the total field will turn brown

7-There would be a Srch help button in the tool bar

8- Click on that

9-Enter the data appropriately for the fields of

Table name and Field name

Enter the data for the particular field for which you want the F4 help ,not for all the fields because it may display all the fields

10-Save and activate the table and use that in your report with select-options or parameter statements and in the selection screen F4 help will come, but you should have data in the table.

Follow this process and i hope you will get some idea.


Mrutyunjaya Tripathy