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regarding tables

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good evening.

please explain about text elements.

when we go for standard text elements.

thanks and regards,

k.swaminath reddy/


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Text element maintenance is a tool in the ABAP Workbench that makes it easier to maintain program texts in different languages. Any text that a program displays on the screen can be maintained as a text element.

<u><b>Maintaining Text Elements</b></u>

Use this tool to create, maintain, and translate text elements for your program.

<u><b>Text elements include:</b></u>

List and column headers that appear in ABAP lists

Selection texts on selection screens

Text symbols that you use with the WRITE statement.

See also the text symbol documentation in the ABAP User's Guide.

Text elements are stored separately from the program in language-specific text pools. Your program automatically uses the text elements in the user's logon language.

You can create and maintain text elements without having to change the source code of your program. You can also create standard text elements that you can copy and use in other programs. If you work exclusively with text symbols, and do not hard-code any texts in WRITE statements, your programs will be fully multilingual. All you then need to do is to translate the text elements from their original language into the required foreign languages.

Translators can use the ABAP Workbench to translate the text pool of the original language into other languages.


List and column header creation and maintenance

Selection text and text symbol creation and maintenance

Selection text and text symbol comparison

Text element copy

Text element translation

Starting the Text Element Maintenance Tool

There are several ways of starting the text element maintenance function:

From the R/3 initial screen, choose Tools--> ABAP Workbench >Development> Programming environ. --> Text elements.

From the Repository Browser, choose the Program objects for a program and select Text elements.

From the ABAP Editor, choose Goto--> Text elements.

From the initial screen of the ABAP Editor, enter the program name. Then, in the sub-objects group box, select Text elements, and chose Display or Change.

All of the above lead to the ABAP Text elements screen:

<b>Check this link it is best with screen shots</b>

<u><b>Check these links</b></u>

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Text symbols we will use whn we need not to use the te4xts direstly in thr program...

Ex: When u use select-options and giving the same name as field name as your variable name...U need to change tht means u can do this clicking the selection texts in the text symbols...

Text symbols will be used when we need to give any text or big text..We can only specify the number for this text in the print program


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Text elements enables to maitain the texts in multiple langugaes.

For eg.You can create a text symbol and translate it to multiple lanaguages so that it will appear in the logon language of the user.

The Following Components Together form the text elements:

1.Text Symbols

2.Selection Texts




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