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Process Idocs on multiple dialog servers

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I am testing a distributed environment and I want my Idocs to be processed on my dialog servers not my CI. How do I achieve this? Currently, it is trying to process on the CI and since there is not enough dialog processes it is converting the rest to background jobs.


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Well, you should probably distinguish between the way the IDoc processing is triggered:

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<li>Immediate processing: In this case you should check how the external application send the data and correct the logon settings if required (i.e. it often is best to use a logon group, so that you can later easily assign whatever servers are appropriate for processing without having to adjust configuration in the sending system).</li>

<li>Processing via batch: If you collect your IDocs and process them later via RBDAPP01 you have of course the choice to schedule your job on specific servers or if your application allows it, you could also utilize parallel processing with an appropriate server group.</li>


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All our Idocs are set to immediate processing. The logon group is my solution! I just don't know where to set it. I'm a basis person who has had minimal dealings with IDOcs. I know BD87 and WE20 and thats about it

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I'm not aware that you can magically redirect IDoc processing to certain application servers with immediate processing. Thus usage of appropriate logon groups would require to change the logon settings in the sending system.

E.g. if you are sending from SAP, you would need to update the corresponding RFC destination via SM59; for any other systems you'd need to check their documentation.

It's a one time effort and after that you're free to change your logon group at will to direct the processing to the servers where you want it to happen (so it puts you back in control instead of the external applications).