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Problem in outbound IDOC

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Hello Experts,

My client is facing problem in the outbound IDOC.

when the deletion falg of material (LVORM) is 'X' , SAP is sending the information to third party.

But when deletion flag is space or not equals to 'X', than SAP IDOC doesnt contain any information.

Now Client has given IDOC number with 'X', so it is successully send to third party.

How can i analysis this based on the IDOC number, as i am new to IDOC.

my client want if LVORM field is space also , IDOC should send with LVOROM space.

How can i proceed with IDOC number.




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i mean to say if the LVORM field is empty, that field is not able to see in the IDOC. all the other field we can see, only material deletion flag field is not able to see in the IDOC.

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I am not able to find the process code for outbound in we20. process code is not maintained. how can i check the outbound fucntion module or program?

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Are you using change pointers to send material data?

Then check BD10. May be there is program runing is background which creates IDOC for material.

Check RBDSEMAT if its creating Idocs for you. There are many enhancement points available to populate your field.

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Generally in WE20, you will not find the Process code for the Outbound IDOC processing.

The FM which processes Outbound message has a general naming format as IDOC_OUTBOUND_<Message type>. Check the FM with such combination and if your message type is STD, you should get one outbound processing FM.

Alternatively, you can use WE19 and Std Outbound processing option inside that.

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Hi Udupi,

I believe you are trying to see the IDOC contents in WE02/05. In this view, if a field is blank, you may not be able to see the field in display. But that doesn't mean that value is not getting transferred. So that is the reason why you are able to see the field when LOVRM is populated with "X".