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PI - RFC BAPI Call use Synchronous?

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Dear All,

I have a PI solution where the target is a BAPI RFC Call to POSDM system the BAPI name is


Anyone has experience on calling a BAPI RFC Call as the target message?

Should I use a synchronous mode at the Service Interface?

Because currently I'm using a asynchronous mode and then a strange behavior occur in which when we try to process multiple file at the same time, not all of the files processed successfully (PI marked all of the messages as successfully delivered, but in the POSDM system we sometimes only see 2/3/4 transaction out of 4 messages)

Thank you.


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Hi Suwandi,

First of i want to know is your business scenario support "Synchronous" mean you send some input and get return some result  ? if 'Yes' then goes to " Synchronous" Mode in Service interface .

Second what is your PI version 7.0, 7.1 etc...?

"messaging.synMessageRemove.removeBodyàtrue = true " with the help of PI Basis Team you can check if it false then change into true and restart PI Server .

is it SOAP to RFC Scenario?



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Hi Smruti,

  Even we have one scenario to be opted , its an RFC call to POS calling POS system,

  my version is SAP PI 7.0 , can you pls explain about this set up in detail, how this setup will give me an acknowledgement ?

whats your suggestion about proxy call ? else other option of how to call the BAPI retrun call?