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I need to fill data in the idoc , but i have a segment inside a segment.

how can i fill that

can some1 provide me wiwth some code



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move 'X' to segment1-segment2-field

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But there's no field in edidd where i can put this code

can u plzz explain?

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Hi Manu,

I think you are using the custom segment??

For that you need to write the code in the respective user exit to fill the segments.

Is it clear??

Hope this will help you.



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IF the segment you want to populate is a standard segment:

then you can just add you code in the corresponding userexit to look for that segment(or the parent segment) and then populate the values.

IF the segment is a custom segment the you have to extend the idoc and then add the userexit code to populate the segment and append it to EDIDD

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Hi ,

You can check IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS or check for where used list for MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE .

Please reward if useful.

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Thxx for d reply

but i need to post idoc its wud be outound

and idoc_input are for input.

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Hi Manu

I hope this would be useful.

  wa_e1mbxyh-xblnr = wa_i_mkpf-mblnr.
  wa_e1mbxyh-tcode = wa_i_mkpf-tcode2.  
    CLEAR wa_edidd.

    wa_edidd-docnum = wa_edidc-docnum.
    wa_edidd-segnam = 'E1MBXYH'.
    wa_edidd-sdata = wa_e1mbxyh.
    APPEND wa_edidd TO i_edidd.
    wa_e1mbxyi-matnr = wa_i_mseg-matnr.
    wa_e1mbxyi-werks = wa_i_mseg-werks.
    wa_e1mbxyi-lgort = wa_i_mseg-lgort.
    wa_e1mbxyi-charg = wa_i_mseg-charg.
    wa_e1mbxyi-erfmg = wa_i_mseg-erfmg.
    wa_e1mbxyi-erfme = wa_i_mseg-erfme.
    wa_e1mbxyi-bwart = wa_i_mseg-bwart.
    CLEAR wa_edidd.
    wa_edidd-docnum = wa_edidc-docnum.
    wa_edidd-segnam = 'E1MBXYI'.
    wa_edidd-sdata = wa_e1mbxyi.
    APPEND wa_edidd TO i_edidd.
      wa_zitem-refnum = qmel-qmnum.
      wa_zitem-reascd = qmel-qmart.
    CLEAR wa_edidd.
    wa_edidd-docnum = wa_edidc-docnum.
    wa_edidd-segnam = 'ZITEM'.
    wa_edidd-sdata = wa_zitem.
    APPEND wa_edidd TO i_edidd.
    wa_zitem_ext-oldrefnum = v_qmnum.
    wa_z1tem_ext-oldreascd = qmel-qmcod.
    CLEAR wa_edidd.
    wa_edidd-docnum = wa_edidc-docnum.
    wa_edidd-segnam = 'EXTN'.
    wa_edidd-sdata = wa_extn.
    APPEND wa_edidd TO i_edidd.

Here the Structure is

                *L E1MBXYI*
                                *L ZITEM*
                                 *L EXTN*

Reward points if useful.

Edited by: Raj on May 12, 2008 7:30 PM

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hi ,

you will pass the data through the parameter stext in the you had created a child segment for a go to the child segment and fill the data in the stext field ..