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How to get Long Text change log

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I have a requirement to get all the changes that were made to a long text object. I found that there is a program S_AUT10_REP that shows you these changes in ALV but I need to get these changes in my code to display it differently. Is there any way to extract this data?

All I know is that the data is somehow stored in the database tables STXH, STXL and dbtablog.

Thank you.


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STXH is the header table of Long Texts.

STXL contains the Long Texts themselves.

DBTABLOG is the table which stores the changes to all journalized tables.

By default, STXH and STXL are not journalized, probably because the volume of data would become huge. You can change this setting in SE11 > Technical settings > Log data changes. Be careful to ask administrators to purge this table from time to time.

You can find the code to read table DBTABLOG in Raymond answer to the question Get old and new values from DBTABLOG table | SAP Community + see additional comments.

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Thank you for your answer.

STXH and STXL are journalized in our system but I can't make Raymond's code to work, am I missing something?

Some data declarations are missing there and I have no idea what types should I give to some of the variables.


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Did you look at the comments too?