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high level report

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i want ot create a report based on this

short description : The release of process orders for compounding and fill processes will cause the creation of WM transfer orders to pick components in standard SAP. However, if there is not sufficient stock in the initial staging areas (e.g. pre-weigh bins), transfer order creation will fail (and create open transfer requirements). There is a need to generate replenishment transfer orders automatically in order to ensure that there is sufficient stock in these initial staging areas. This would be triggered by a background job checking periodically for new transfer requirements. The custom transaction will look for open transfer requirements and create transfer orders automatically. These new replenishment transfer orders will show up in the standard SAP RF Monitor. Material handlers will see the replenishment transfer orders on their RF devices, pick the materials, and confirm the transfer orders to the initial staging bins. This confirmation to the initial staging area bins will allow creation of the process order transfer orders. This will be done by a second background job that will convert the open transfer requirements into open transfer orders from the initial staging area bins to the process orders.

ASSUMPTIONS : u2022Warehouse will be RF enabled with appropriate access points

u2022RF devices will be available for material handlers

u2022Standard SAP RF Monitor will be used

u2022Supervisors have access to SAP on workstation for viewing RF Monitor and executing other process related transactions

u2022Appropriate queues will be configured in standard SAP RF Monitor

u2022Background SAP Batch Jobs & Variants will be set up and running properly

u2022Standard WM Material Master Picking Strategies will be set up properly

u2022Custom Replenishment Picking Strategies will be set up in Custom Table

u2022WM Material Staging for Process Orders is configured in the PPPI Interface

u2022Automated transfer order creation for replenishment is required based on demand from the release of process orders.

u2022A background job to execute the transaction for replenishment T.O.s at regular intervals.

u2022Automated execution of transaction to convert open transfer requirements to transfer orders for process orders (once replenishment transfer orders have been confirmed).

u2022A background job to execute the transaction for process order T.O.s at regular intervals.

u2022Two-step custom replenishment transfer order creation is needed for Swansea plant for their narrow aisle rack bins.

The necessary custom table will be a copy of table V_T334T. This is the standard Storage Type search table.

Table Name ZV_T334T (Copy of V_T334T)

Short text Replenishment Storage Type Search Table

Field Name Type Length Description

V_T334T-LGNUM Alphanumeric 3 Warehouse Number

V_T334T-KZEAR Alphanumeric 3 Storage Type Search Indicator

V_T334T-BESTQ Alpha 1 Stock Category

V_T334T-SOBKZ Alpha 1 Special Stock Indicator

V_T334T-LGTY0 Alphanumeric 3 Storage Type - for Sourcing TO

RELEVENT tables used:


RELEVENT function module used:


Thanks Regards,

N . Uma Shankar


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and what is you're question ??

do you want to hire someone from here to write the whole report for you're company ??

kind regards

arthur de smidt

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plz provide me some so that i can proceed

Thanks regards,

N.Uma Shankar

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Provide you with what? A Computer, Keyboard, Mouse .......... ? You have your spec, the next thing to do is begin writing your code. Best way to learn is jump in and get your fingers dirty and do it yourself.