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Help with Barcodes!!!!

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Hello everyone!

I'm having problems to print a barcode from a sapscript, I choose a barcode from the transaction se73, I choosed "BARCLVS" and "C128A_00", and both did not work, I also create one with the option "New barcode technology" and the other with "old system barcode", and both did not work too.

I assigned it to the form and I create a character format <BC> with the barcode I create, but it did not work, 'cause when I print it, in the print preview appears the barcode, but in the label doesn't appear.

So please if anybody can tell me what's wrong with my process, also I'm using a Zebra Printer and the basis named it ACZE in windows but in SAP it is named LB_ZEB the same printer.

Please Help Me!!!!!

Thanks for your time.


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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First, to print a barcode using SAPscript you have to

implement a software solution or a hardware solution.

In my case, we have a DIMM card installed in all of our printers which need to print barcodes. I've heard that there is a software solution as well.

You mentioned that you are using a zebra printer. In this case, you don't need to do anything special. Nor do you need to embed a barcode in your sapscript. Are you using the ZPLII language in your sapscript? This is how you define the layout of your label for zebra printers. All you do, is have a MAIN window in your sapscript form and then have all of the ZPLII printer code inside the window. The CODE defines the label. The CODE defines the barcode.

Here is a sample of our ZPLII code. The code that does

the barcode is in BOLD.

^FT90,100^A0N,50,50^FDMaterial Group:^FS                          
IF &IMARA-MATNR& NE ' '.                                          
<b>^FO90,150^B3N,N,100,Y,N^FD&IMARA-MATNR&^FS     </b>                   
^FT90,450^A0N,50,50^FDPO #:^FS                                    
^FT715,450^A0N,50,50^FDWO #:^FS                                   
^FT715,550^A0N,50,50^FDStd Pr:^FS                                 


Rich Heilman

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Hi Reich!

Thanks for your comment, but we're not using ZPLII language, and I'm still not getting the barcode printed, so what else can I do to make SAP print the barcode.

I'll really appreciate if anybady can help me!

Thanks and Regards.

Guillermo Españ

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Is anything showing up on your label? What model printer are you using. I was under the impression that the zebra printer must have the ZPLII printer code in order to print anything.


Rich Heilman

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I too thought that if you are using SAPscript, you must produce the label in ZPLII code, but with SmartForms you can use the printer driver?

I have used a Zebra Printer to produce barcode labels, but I was using SmartForms. From my understanding, you can use SmartForms which in turn use the printer drivers (LB_ZEB - which are installed by the BASIS team) to convert the output into ZPLII language for the printer.

Had this working no problem.

If it's not too late, maybe you could use SmartForms instead?

I believe Zebra has a product called Bar-One (or BarTender??) that allows you to design labels as well.

Hope this helps.



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Hi again Rich.

Yes, the printer prints only text, but not barcode, I'm using a Zebra TLP 2844.

Thanks and regards.


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It appears that this model of zebra printer does not support ZPLII, its core language is EPL2. Did it come with a programmers guide for EPL2?

Here is the link to the zebra printer page. Please check the documentation and the programmer's guide to see if it helps you.

Again, our SAPscripts contain the ZPLII code that I mentioned above, that's it, the label is printed from the ZPLII printer code embedded in the sapscript.


Rich Heilman