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Error Message 'CX_SY_NO_HANDLER '

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When calling a method of my class i receive the error messoge mentioned above. does anybody know what it means?


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Actually this is a fairly generic exception. CX_SY_NO_HANDLER is raised when there has been a system exception but there is nothing registered to handle it. This is sort of a catch all for exceptions. You might want a try ... catch around your method call and at least catch this exception. You then might be able to receive more details about what exception is being thrown.

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i found out that the message doesn occur because i passed an internal table 'WITH HEADER LINE' to the method.

does this mean that passing an internal table defined 'with header line' is generally forbidden within the OO context???

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Tables with header lines are not allowed in OO. However a quick fix is to just pass your table without the header line. Just use '[]' on the end of the table name in the method call.

call method class->method


my_table = local_table_with_header[].

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Hello Tobias,

in ABAP Objects You should allways define typed data:

In your special case:

data: lt_itab type standard table of xxx_type ...

data: lt_itab type hashed table of xxx_type ...

data: lt_itab type sorted table of xxx_type ...

data: lt_itab type any table ...

Don't use the occurs statement anymore.

You will find a sample definition in the report I have sent You.

BR Michael