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Displaying output as same as cost element group hirearchy

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Hi all

Actually there is one set for cost element groups. I am trying to display a report output , which should mirror the cost element hirearchy. I am facing problem  in implementing the logic to display the output in the same manner as in cost element group.

Because , the cost element group is a tree structure having nodes at different levels and cost element at the lower level.

please help me out with any suggestions that u have.


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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I am not familiar with the cost element hierarchy.  I try to avoid things that even remotely sound financial in nature. However I have faced reports that sounds like they have a similar structure. You didn't say what release you were on. If you are at the 46C or higher you have a few options that aren't too hard to implement.

If I were you, I would look at either an ALV Tree or building a List Tree.  The ALV Tree has many of the advantanges of the ALV Grid combinded with a key hierarchy like a tree. However all nodes on the tree have to have the same line structure. Check out the programs that begin CBALV_TREE* for many good examples.

Now if you need different line structures at different node levels, you probably want to look at a list tree or a column tree.  I suggest looking at the tree model classes. They provide extra functionality such as Print and Find functions that the cl_gui_tree* classes lack. They also have an easier node key structure. Check out programs SAPCOLUMN_TREE_MODEL_DEMO or SAPTLIST_TREE_MODEL_DEMO for good examples.