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data type

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what is diff betn char type & numeric text type(type c & n)


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Hi Shital,

CHAR C array of c_ubyte left-aligned string filled with spaces string

NUMC N array of c_ubyte right-aligned zero-filled string containg digits only integer

INT4 I c_int integer integer

C Character 1 Space

N Numeric text 1 '00...0'

D Date YYYYMMDD 8 '00000000'

T Time HHMMSS 6 '000000'

X Byte (heXadecimal) 1 X'00'

I Integer 4 0

P Packed number 8 0

F Floating point number 8 '0.0'

Sample Code:

DATA: ws_data TYPE char10.

ws_data = 'SAMPLE'.

WRITE:/ ws_data.

DATA: ws_data1 TYPE i.

ws_data1 = 10.

WRITE:/ ws_data1.

DATA: ws_data2 TYPE n LENGTH 2.

ws_data2 = 31.

WRITE:/ ws_data2.



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hi ,

char type is to store character strings. And

Numeric is to store for numbers.

In SAP Default is CHARACTER.



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If a variable is declared of type C(char) it can have all numbers, characters and special characters also.

If it is of type Numc (N) it can take only numbers no alphabet and special chars, but u can't perform any calculations on it.

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'C' type is used for storing a string of characters.

'n' is used for storing a string of Numbers



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Hi Shital,

CHAR Character String

NUMC Character string with only digits


Character string. Fields of type CHAR may only have a maximum length

of 255 in tables. If longer character strings are used in tables,

use data type LCHR. There are no restrictions for the length of such

fields in structures.


Character string that may only contain digits. The length of a field

of this type is limited to a maximum of 255 places.

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Adithya M