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Hi Friends,

I am getting freight rate from an external system with the RFC and i have to do addition for the rate for each call with the rsults from the previous call, i mean cummulative. So when i am doing that its ignoring the decimal points. I have looked into the internal table that external system is sending me back. for eg 15.20 + 15.20 = 3040 is what it is showing up when i am doing addition and moving to another table. I have looked into the structure format and it is CHAR format for the rate field. So is that the problem.



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hi Shejal,

Change it to type <b>P/F</b> so as to get your output in the required format and the output that you are getting it all because of the structure that is of Char Format as you have predicted...

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I dont think that should be problem. Anyways you can convert rate field in your internal table from char(C) to packed decimals(P) and then do the addition. Hope this will give you an idea.