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BW 7.0 Union and Intersection

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Dear all,

We have upgraded from BW3.5 to BW 7.0.

Within this the authorization concept changed.

With BW 3.5 we were able to use intersection for hierarchies to do the following:

Hierarchys are using 3 InfoObjects for different layers.

e.g. Hier1 Z_o1, Z_o2, Z_o3

e.g. Hier2 Z_11,Z_22, Z_33

Hierarchy Node 1 - authorizes for Obj1 and Obj2

Hiearchy Node 2 - authorizes for Obj1

Within BW 3.5 we can see only Obj1 because of the intersection.

Within BW 7.0 we can see Obj1 and Obj2 caused by Union behaviour.

How can we keep the behavior of Bw3.x within Bw 7.0 (intersection)?


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Anyone an idea about this?

Thanks for having a look

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Hi Andreas,

In our scenario we wre using 2 infobjects as authroization relavent.

eg - 1st authorization is on created by = 'XX'

2nd authroization is on changed by = 'XX'

We assgned both objects to a role.

and now when XX login with the following scenario

1 2 3 4 - created by XX

4 5 6 7 - changed by XX

now we are able to see only 4 but we would like to see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 .

We are using BI 7.0.

Could you help me .