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Hi. I'm trying make the follow operations in sap banking.

-Create BP

-Create account (with the earlier BP)

If all is OK commit else rollback.

Well at this moment the operation "create account" give me a error because it says that BP no exist.

I thing that it can be a problem of "Transfer mode" or "Save Mode" of BUPA but I can't find this customizing for this aplication object.

Can anyone tell me where can I change it ?

Thank you very much in advance.


Moderator message: seems not directly related to ABAP development, please post again in the appropriate SCN forum and use more meaningful subject lines.

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IF it is gui button problem then go and check in BUS8 and BUS9 transaction where in you can find transfer mode or save move operation to a perticular gui button and the logic will be written in BUS& transaction under DCUAD DCUAC events...