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hai to all,

i am new to bdc. would any body help how to create SD retail price condition records using following fileds using transaction v.k 11

1) Condition Type (KSCHL) DEFAULT ‘ZMP1’

2) Key Combination DEFAULT Sales Org. / Article / Site

3) Sales Organization. (VKORG) DEFAULT ‘1019’

4) Site. (WERKS)

5) SKU Number. (MATNR)

6) Retail Multiplier. (KBETR)

7) Calculation Type. (KRECH) DEFAULT ‘A’


9) Valid To. (DATBI) DEFAULT 12/31/9999

10) Additional Value Days. (VALTG)

Advance thanks



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Go to Tcode SHDB.

New recording. give a name for your recording.

Give the Tcode VK11.

Click on Start recording.

You will get the screens of Transaction VK11. Enter the values in to the fields you want. Save it .go back. click on the 'program' button.

Give a Zprg name. Select transfer from recording.. Select Source code.

In the code

Decalre an internal with all these fields.

Use GUI_UPLOAD to uplad text file data to the internal table and

loop the perfom stmts with this itab.



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First manually try to create SD retail price condition records.

After you understand how it works,

Go to the transaction SHDB , to record the transaction.

Click start recording , give the TCODE VK11 in the appropriate field...

It will take you to the VK11 transaction, now carefully create a condition record with out any errors , because what ever you do it is recorded...

After completing the VK11 process, the system will take u back to SHDB screen. Here press the SOURCE CODE button , it will ask for the program name , give the report name....and click OK...

You will see the recorded coding.

Now create a internal table with all your fields to be transfered...

loop the internal table after the OPEN_GROUP statement and ENDLOOP before the CLOSE_GROUP statement.

Assign the relevent fields from the IT to the perform statements....

Execute and choose the mode to run the BDC , the data will be uploaded...

Hope this helps you....