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Hi All,

Iu2019m trying to execute the below Function module. Im populated all the parameters mentioned below. However, im getting this error u2018NO VALID LOCATION COULD BE FOUND u2019from 2 Parameters: Product Location and Porduct_location_Version mentioned below.

Im populated the below all parameters from Function Module: BAPI_PRDSRVAPS_GETLIST2

Kindly let me know how to solve the issue.



logical_system = it_logical_system1

save_options = save_options

commit_control = commit_control

business_system_group = business_system_group


product_head = product_head

product_head_x = product_head_x

product_text = product_text

product_text_x = product_text_x

product_alt_uom = product_alt_uom

product_alt_uom_x = product_alt_uom_x

product_penalty = product_penalty

product_penalty_x = product_penalty_x

product_location = product_location

product_location_x = product_location_x

product_location_version = product_location_version

product_location_version_x = product_location_version_x

product_location_penalty = product_location_penalty

product_location_penalty_x = product_location_penalty_x

product_location_priority = product_location_priority

product_location_priority_x = product_location_priority_x

product_model = product_model

product_location_tdpp = product_location_tdpp

return = it_return

extension_in = it_exten1

product_warehouse = product_warehouse

product_warehouse_x = product_warehouse_x

product_storage_type = product_storage_type

product_storage_type_x = product_storage_type_x

product_group = product_group

product_spp = product_spp

product_spp_x = product_spp_x

product_location_spp = product_location_spp

product_location_spp_x = product_location_spp_x

product_location_inh = product_location_inh

product_alternative_number = product_alternative_number.



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Use meaningful subject for your questions, we are observing you behaviour from long time. Please follow the rules.

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who are you..?


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Ashok alias akshitha Yellenki , Try to make use of the forums, Don't break the rules. This is last warning to you. inorder to follow rules you don't need to know me. Just know the rules that is more than enough.

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No you just tel me, you are a normal user or belongs to SDN..?


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I am from SCN communty Team.

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I know what to do and what not.