SAP Influencer Nominations

Nominate an SAP Influencer

Know someone who is an ideal candidate for becoming either an SAP Mentor or SAP Champion? 

Follow these steps to nominate him or her for one of our influencer programs.

How to Submit a Nomination

The SAP Mentors program seeks highly motivated, respected, and knowledgeable experts who have the professional presence and skills necessary to share insightful feedback about SAP strategy, products, and technology. 

The SAP Champions program is always looking for active and informed community leaders who are passionate about helping members get the most out of SAP Community and related events.

Please visit the SAP Mentors page to learn more about the criteria for joining this program and check out the SAP Champions page to discover who can join this program.

If you know anyone who belongs in one of our influencers programs (including yourself!), please send an email to (when nominating someone for the SAP Mentors program) or to (when nominating someone for the SAP Champions program) with the following information:

  1. The name of the candidate 
  2. An explanation of the candidate's career status (e.g., name of current employer, information about independent consulting)
  3. A list of the SAP topic areas (e.g., names of products or technologies) and industries in which the candidate possesses expertise (for SAP Mentor nominations only)
  4. Links to the candidate's SAP Community profile (if present) and social-media accounts (e.g., LinkedIn profile or Twitter account)
  5. Links to examples demonstrating the candidate's expertise (e.g., blog posts about an SAP product or technology, tech articles in which the candidate is quoted as an expert, books)
  6. A short explanation detailing why you believe the candidate is suitable for the program
  7. Contact information (e.g., email address) for the candidate

Review Process for Nominees

Upon receiving a nomination, the SAP Influencers team will review the submission to consider the impact of the candidate's content, see if the candidate's areas of specialty align with our priority topics (in the case of SAP Mentors), and discuss whether the candidate's public persona reflects the behavior and attitude we expect in the program. 

A formal review of all nominations will occur in March, June, September, & December of each year.

Should the SAP Influencers team agree that the candidate is a good match for the program, one or more team members will schedule a meeting with him or her to discuss the program and weigh his or her interest in participation. 

If all parties agree that the candidate should join the program, the SAP Influencers team will invite him or her to begin the onboarding process that will bring him or her into the program officially.