SAP Mentors

SAP Mentors are top influencers representing customers, partners, and consultants.

Who are SAP Mentors?

  • Top influencers in the SAP ecosystem, representing customers, partners, and consultants
  • Hands-on experts of an SAP product or service, as well as contributors to community-driven projects
  • Participants who possess a passion to share, educate, and influence
  • Advocates with business experience and strong relevant networks
  • Professionals who share feedback and market insights with SAP product teams and SAP executives

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What do SAP Mentors do?Connect with SAP Mentors
As part of this influencer program, SAP Mentors lend their support by:

• Engaging in collaborative activities in their area(s) of expertise
• Improving or influencing SAP products and services.  
• Presenting on topics from a thought-leader point-of-view.
• Providing market perspectives and (early) feedback on product strategies.
• Exchanging perspectives from customer, end-user, developer, and partner experiences.
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How to join the SAP Mentors program

The SAP Mentors program seeks highly motivated, respected, and knowledgeable experts who have the professional presence and skills necessary to share insightful feedback about SAP strategy, products, and technology.

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