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The other week we kicked off a new series via our SAP Community YouTube channel called the "SAP Community News" the idea behind was a simple way to let all of you know about interesting things your fellow community members have going on, programs we are launching, new badges and more.

We were looking for a way to let everyone know more about the people within the community but also about the team that is helping to drive a lot of the various different activities. The team is amazing and working super hard for all of you so a quick view of the videos maybe a like and if you are feeling really crazy maybe even a comment.

This is a new format for the team, we are testing and trying it out. We are not 100% sure of the cadence yet so any thoughts you have would be great. Content we are trying to of course focus on all of you so if you have a suggestion for a segment please also let us know!

If you missed the first, you can catch it here. You can also subscribe to the channel for all those updates and all of that.

Should you expect a blog post after each one? Probably not but you should expect to see lots of different faces from the team as we go forward!