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wine in lingere

Last week I unveiled my quest to get everything I needed for one year on Yerdle. That means buying * nothing * new.

A lot of my friends asked… “Wait… NOTHING new? What about the essentials!?”

It’s true - wine is a pretty important staple. So is medicine, and clean underwear.

So I thought I should put together a list of what I am allowed to buy. #Y4Y Exclusions:

1. Food (I'm not going "freegan" yet!)

2. Medication

3. Sanitary Needs (Yes, I plan to shower)

4. Healthcare

5. Cat food & needs (my cat Skye did not sign up for #Y4Y)

6. Electricity, Gas, Utilities

7. Household items (like cleaning products)

8. Plants, rocks, mulch etc. for the garden

9. Donations to non-profits

10. Underwear (I don't really believe in wearing other people's underwear... yet)

11. Computer/Software for business hipster-ariel-meme-generator-hold-up-i-really-need-a-massage-fa7ab4

12. Ergonomic Shoes (I have a creaky knee that gets mad at me if I wear non-ergonomic shoes)

13. Phone (need latest version for social media biz)

14. Office Supplies / Printer Paper

15. Services: Haircuts, Yoga, Massages

16. Travel (plane tickets, hotels etc.)

17. Wine !!!

18. Car repairs

19. Crowdfunding, e.g. Indiegogo, Kickstarter.

Of course I am hoping to fulfill my needs on this list as much as I can from Yerdle. But, being the detail-oriented German woman that I am, I knew I needed to make a complete list of exemptions just in case. If you have any cat food, wine or garden mulch you want to Yerdle to me, let's talk! :smile:

I also got questions about what things my husband would be allowed to buy.

Could he give me gifts?

The answer is: No. He can’t just go and buy me things that I need or want.

That would not make sense. But he is allowed to get me a gift at a special occasion, like for my birthday.

I’m almost one month in - How is it going so far?

I am delighted to say that Yerdling has started to trickle into my day-to-day life:

  • I’ve made friends with Sean, the Iranian gentleman at my favorite UPS store where I drop off my Yerdle packages.
  • Multiple friends emailed me, sharing their joy of Yerdling.
  • My first blog, announcing Y4Y received 30 encouraging comments from old and new friends.
  • I have been offered opportunities to declutter people’s homes and garages from Silicon Valley Mendocino. My first declutter mission is scheduled for February 16th - let's see how it goes!

Next week I'll dive into how not buying anything when I'm out and about with friends has affected my life so far... the good and the bad.

Until then! Happy Yerdling!

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